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Firenze Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out

(Me at FNO)

Cioa from Firenze! 

So Thursday night was a HUGE deal. It was Vogue’s annual Fashion’s Night Out, an event which allows stores to be open past their normal hours and let fashion lovers wander in and out of the shops and galleries. There were (free!) drinks, food and people EVERYWHERE. The streets were packed with crowds dressed to the nines dancing to rap music and taking pictures in their best impersonation of a Vogue model. 

Honestly, one of the best nights I’ve had here. I felt at home surrounded by great art, fashion and drinks in an ancient city. Even though I know basically no Italian, I finally felt like I was communicating with the locals speaking the international language of fashion. 

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Hello from Firenze!!
Yup studying abroad for the semester which is crazy insane. So if you’ve been following me let me say hi, I’m Lauren I’m a journalism student studying fashion in Italy for the next three and a half months. Yeah me, a homebody who really doesn’t go out a lot and loves tumblr and Netflix. 

So that picture of me was taken on my first day in Florence. Airport fresh and all on the Ponte Vecchio one of Florence’s most famous bridges. 

There is a big difference between sitting in your bedroom and looking at pictures of Europe and then oops, you’re here. I was NOT prepared for this at all. I mean I was, I packed all the right things, but damn was not prepped for legitimately living on my own. Cooking my own food, cleaning, shopping, going to class the works. 

Unfortunately, I suffer from really bad anxiety and am prone to panic attacks so this trip is a huge step for me. 

So tumblr, let’s begin! 

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Batman tee swag #batman #obsessed #ootd

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Best investment I ever did make #chloe #boots #fashion #chloeboots

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Not even in a real seat, but I’m enjoying the leg room #train #homebound #ootd

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Made some flower crowns today, loving summer

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Flower crown complete! #flowers #flowercrown #summer #selfie #shamelessselfie #ootd

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LIRR train life is the new thug life

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Off to dinner!! #ootd #zara #dinner

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Spring! 🌼#spring #ootd @marantisabel #isabelmarant #denim

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Oops I’m at the mall #shopping #ootd

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Gettin fancy at dinner #ootd #fashion

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